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Limestone for fluxing

Минеральный порошок

Mineral powder

"VBA" Trade Group (manufacturing and construction agricultural trade group) –
is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of soft packing (Big-Bag, Liner Bag, insert to open-top wagon) for the storage and transportation of bulk goods, as well as reliable supplier of limestone, shell limestone, limestone meal and mineral dust.

All products that are being sold by "VBA" Trade Group, namely, limestone, shell limestone, limestone meal fully comply with the requirements of GOST (State Standards) and Technical Specifications, valid on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries, certified and accompanied by quality certificates.

The quality of soft packing is confirmed by technical specifications that meet the requirements of regulatory legal acts on labor protection and industrial safety, as well as the current health legislation of Ukraine.

We only offer only Unique Product to our customers! You just have to make 1 phone call, and we will help you to choose the best solution from the wide range of goods. We will immediately execute draw up documents for the deliveries, arrange for the transport and will dispatch products to the place specified by you in due time!

Hundreds of customers have already appreciated the reliability and stability of cooperation with "VBA" Trade Group! Owing to smooth schedule we permanently perform dispatch of goods throughout the country! We also plan to gain confidence of foreign partners and therefore we are ready to consider each and every request and wish!

The history of the company traces its roots to 2007. During this period we have successfully completed several stages and gained reputation of responsible manufacturer and supplier at the Ukrainian market! Under no circumstances we have never let our customers and business partners down. Owing to this the database of our regular customers keeps increasing, which strengthens our positions in the domestic market.

If you are interested in our products, you can always address to our experts for the free consultation. You can familiarize yourself with the basic information about the products offered by us offered here on the website in the section "Products".

"VBA" Trade Group is B2B market player, therefore all our efforts are aimed at achievement of the peak efficiency of your company. You opinion on the service level and quality of our goods is critically important for us to keep developing and improving our end products. Your appreciation and confidence – key to the success of our company!

Call us! We would appreciate answering all the questions of your interest regarding the goods, prices and delivery methods offered by us. Moreover, you can give an order to us for the manufacturing of soft packing according to the parameters specified by you.

 We wish you successful growth of your business and hope for fruitful cooperation!


Yours sincerely, "VBA" Trade Group!