About company

"VBA" Trade Group works in B2B market segment since 2007! Major companies, nationwide manufacturers, small organizations and private manufacturers as well are among our customers. Each of them has found his advantages of cooperation with us. We accept any ideas from our partners and do our best to bring such ideas to life!

Our partners can always reckon on prompt delivery of order and high quality of goods as well as on due payment and comfortable cooperation conditions! Young, energetic, hard-working and ambitious guys work in our company. They teat any difficulty as personal challenge and do everything they can to make the customer satisfied!

Our major objective:

  • To create a European level of relations with partners in the B2B market.

Our intention:

  • to create for the customer such cooperation conditions for him to completely forget about issues related to the supplies to his company and to be focused on his core business.

History of the company:

  • 2007 - date of establishment of “VBA” Trade Group. The team of young enthusiasts, having explored the construction materials market, took decision to take up slag block manufacturing business. Release of the first batch was successfully performed in the spring of the same year.
  • 2008 - granulatedslag and limestone was added to the range of goods that are being sold. This allowed us to find new customers, not only around Dnipropetrovsk and oblast, but also throughout Ukraine.
  • 2009 - manufacturing of foamed concrete was launched, logistics department was opened for the delivery of goods to the final customer as well as for the rendering of goods transportation services.
  • 2010 - stone screening dust and crushed granite were added to the sale range around Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
  • 2011 - manufacturing of Big-Bags (manufacturing facility efficiency – 2000 Big-Bags per month) was launched.
  • 2012 - new direction was added: polymer wastes recycling. In the meantime the year was life-changing period for the company due to a fire at manufacturing site. 1680 sq.m. of manufacturing facilities were burnt away, manufacturing of Big-Bags was completely destroyed by fire, as well as raw materials stored in a warehouse, and the warehouse of finished products. However, the company withstood this challenge with dignity and did not let its customers down both regarding the timing and amount of shipped products. The suppliers of raw materials also suffered the consequences of fire. Moreover, in the near future Big-Bags fabrication facility became operational once again. Furthermore, Big-Bags fabrication facility was launched in several labor camps in Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
  • 2013 - company moves from the small cramp office with the area of 90 m2 in Partyzanske city to large spacious office with the area of 200 m2 in in Dnipropetrovsk city on the left bank.
  • 2014 - monthly production of Big-Bags is increased to 50000 pcs. The first own limestone screening line with the maximum production capacity of 5000 tons per month was launched. Aspiration line was installed.
  • 2015 - the first trial batch of floured limestone (limestone meal) was manufactured, the manufacturing of limestone of fractions 1-4 mm was started, soda was added to the range of offered products. Unloading of hoppers was arranged. The company has expanded its staff, new positions were introduced, which was contributed by the implementation of company management tools after the courses of International Business Association (HubbardManagementSystem) that were successfully mastered by the company’s top-management.
  • 2016 - a new line for limestone processing in Kamenets-Podolsky (Khmelnytsky region) was launched. The company exported the first batch of Big-Bags to the market of the European Union. In the commissioning of new production in Poltava, the first trial lot of Big-Bags was made.
  • 2017 - the beginning of the organization of the direction "Mineral Powder"
  • 2018 - the modernization and installation of new equipment in Kamenets Podolsky was made, which gave a significant increase in productivity.


    Service - we accompany our customers at all stages of the process of supplying their production, from ordering the product from us, to the delivery of our products to their warehouse. Customers do not think about ensuring their production, we think for them.

    Focus on results - the company sets clear goals and goes to them. We are constantly optimizing business processes, increasing productivity in order to achieve success. Employees share the goals of the company and all their decisions and actions are aimed at obtaining specific results.

    Purposefulness and Overcoming Obstacles: The Company values perseverance in achieving set goals. She encourages her employees to overcome difficulties, learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward, even in difficult situations.

    A team of professionals - our employees are specialists in their field. They strive to achieve the ideal state of affairs in their area of responsibility. The company pays great attention to the selection of qualified specialists who can effectively perform their tasks and achieve high results.

    Individual approach - we take into account the unique needs of each client. We do not apply the same methods for everyone, but we customize our services and products to fit the needs of the client. Therefore, we strive to provide the best possible service for every customer of our company.

    Corporate culture:
    -The company is committed to building a cohesive team, which helps it establish long-term relationships with employees.

    The company introduced non-material motivation for the company's employees:

    -Employees are rewarded for their achievements.
    - Congratulations on important dates to employees and their family members.
    - The company holds games, competitions that contribute to the development of team spirit and increase the motivation of employees.
    - The company provides employees with extra days off. This gives you more freedom in scheduling your time and maintains a work-life balance.
    - The company creates a friendly and close-knit atmosphere within the team.

    Organizes monthly events, annual trips abroad for the Company's birthday, where not only employees, but also their families are invited. In this way, everyone can spend time together and strengthen relationships.

    - Employees of the company are constantly trained. Training helps employees develop their skills and competencies, which makes them more efficient and professional in their work.

    - The system of motivation for salaries. An employee's salary does not depend on the hours spent at work, but only on its results. An employee does not have a maximum in receiving wages, everyone has the opportunity to directly influence the level of their salary. The company's employees do not have the task of serving time at work, everyone can leave when they have given the required result in the required quantity.

    - In the company, each employee has freedom of action in the performance of tasks. Employees influence the result and are responsible for it. Our employees make their own decisions. You can always justify your decision and it will be executed despite the fact that others have their own point of view.

    - The company nurtures professionals within the company. Employees working in the company in any position have the opportunity to go through all stages of career growth.

    - Ability to work remotely. Employees choose for themselves a convenient format for working in the office or remotely.

    - Official folders. Each employee has a job file that describes his functions. The employee has a clear understanding of his duties and responsibilities. This contributes to increased professionalism and self-organization, as each team member knows what is expected of him. Thus, new employees quickly go through an adaptation period and immediately understand what the company expects from them.

    Employee care:
    - The company supports the desire of employees for self-improvement, both intellectually and physically. Each employee can receive financial support when paying for various trainings, seminars that improve their skills, as well as compensation for sports.