Inserts to open-top wagons

"VBA" Trade Group is engaged in manufacturing of soft packing and transportation products – polypropylene inserts for open-top wagons for railway transportations, as well as inserts for Liner Bag for the sea transportation of goods and soft Big-Bag containers.

Inserts for open-top wagon – polypropylene insert, designed for the transportation of a great number of bulk goods in open-top wagons.

It is used for the transportation of food and non-food bulk goods as follows:

  • agricultural products (cereals, legume crops, flour, sugar, starch, etc.);
  • feed additives;
  • chemical products;
  • construction materials;
  • fertilizers (mineral, potassium);
  • bio-fuel, etc.

During the manufacturing of inserts we use polypropylene fabric of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, which is made with addition of special additives. Such additives slow down the polypropylene destruction process under the influence of ultraviolet, which significantly reduces the risk of loss of goods during the prolonged storage outdoors.


Elements of open-top wagon insert are as follows:

Liner Wagon ready

1 - loops

2 - slings

3, 4 - lobes


Advantages of the use of insert for open-top wagon:

  • Protection from precipitations.
  • Reduction of loss (spillage) of cargo at all handling stages.
  • Protection of goods against contact with inner surface of the wagon and vice versa.
  • No need to clean the wagon after transportation.
  • Reduced costs of goods transportation.
  • Saving of time for loading and unloading of bulk materials.
  • Protection against unauthorized access during transportation.