“VBA” Trade Group Management Wished the Workers a Happy New Year!

On December 21 and 22 "VBA" Trade Group management headed by the executive director Aleksey Rasin congratulated 2 shifts of workers sewing Big-Bags on the upcoming New Year. As part of the commemorative speeches the employees were awarded certificates of honor for their professionalism and good results in achieving goals.

"Thanks to your success and hard work together we achieve our common goals - we are growing in volumes of production, we are growing in volumes of sales, we are developing. This November we have made the first delivery for export and now the Big-Bags made by your hands are successfully used in Europe. So we would like to thank all of you for the fact that we are a team and we are able to work together in spite of any difficulties arising in our common way", Aleksey Rasin said in his speech.

Moreover during the event some strategic plans of "VBA" Trade Group were announced.

"We are closely involved in the launch of production in Poltava, and actively consider the issue of opening a production site in Kamenskoye (formerly Dneprodzerzhinsk) as the Company’s strategic objectives until the end of 2017 are to increase productivity by 2 times compared with today’s performance", Aleksey Rasin told.

According to the technical director Grigoriy Panasenko, by the preliminary results of 2016 20% more Big-Bags than a year earlier are expected to be sewn.

"Our company is rapidly developing which allows setting even higher goals. We are thankful for this to you all! And a Happy New Year!", Grigoriy Panasenko addressed the workers.