The First Trial Batch of “VBA” Trade Group Big-Bags is Manufactured in Poltava

On December 16 "VBA" Trade Group manufactured the first trial lot of Big-Bags in the commissioning mode of new production in Poltava. The total amount of sewn polypropylene containers made up 100 pieces.

According to Grigoriy Panasenko, the head of the technical department, at present the area under new facilities makes up 277 sq.m. However, before the manufacturing launch it is necessary to solve a number of issues concerning high-quality equipment on the working places and comfortable working conditions for employees.

The first stage of the launch of new production provides for creation of about 30 places with the prospect of further staff enlargement. Therefore "VBA" Trade Group now is actively looking for employees in Poltava, namely: seamstresses, pattern cutters and packers of products.

Official opening of the new production for sewing Big-Bags is planned for early 2017. At the same time in March and April "VBA" Trade Group plans to manufacture not less than 30 thousand pieces of Big-Bags based on this production.