“VBA” Trade Group Joined the List of the Ukrainian Big-Bag Exporters

Last week "VBA" Trade Group exported the first batch of Big-Bags to the European Union market. Such a significant event for the Company was held on November 24. Mikhail Kiro, the head of the distribution department, told about it at the general meeting of the enterprise.

As he said the entrance to the EU market will significantly strengthen the company’s position in the ranking of the leading Big-Bag manufacturers of Ukraine and will gradually bring the company to a new level of development.

"The strategic plan of "VBA" Trade Group is not only to increase sales to the EU countries further but also to establish deliveries to the CIS countries which will allow to become one of the leaders in the export of polypropylene large packaging in Ukraine in the near future", M. Kiro underlined.

It is worth mentioning that "VBA" Trade Group increases the volumes of production and sales rapidly. Thus, for example, in November 2016 the number of shipped Big-Bags increased by almost 2 times compared to the same month last year. Meanwhile in September and November this year 1.5 times more Big-bags were produced and sold than for the same period in 2015.